eScan Terminology

Unauthorized Tracking Cookies *

These are passive tracking technologies used to gather limited information about user activities without installing any software on the user’s computers. They may allow unwanted collection of information (for example, Web sites a user has visited), may be used for desired customization or personalization (example: “similar items you might like”) and may allow advertisers to avoid showing the same ad too often to the same person. <br><br> *<a href="" target=_blank>Anti-Spyware Coalition Definitions and Supporting Documents</a>

Unicode *

A worldwide character-encoding standard that allows more information to be contained in each string by defining 16-bit character strings rather than the standard 8-bit character strings. Unicode allows universal data exchange and improves multilingual text processing. Unicode strings are also called wide strings. <br><br> *<a href=" " target=_blank> </a>

Universal Character Set

(UCS) A 16-bit character set.

Universal Character Set

(UCS) A 16-bit character set.

Universal well-known security identifier

A security identifier (SID) that is known on all systems that adhere to the security model based on authenticated users and discretionary access control.


A user of a system is identified by a login procedure, which establishes a process by which applications can run and access other security-relevant objects. An example of a login procedure is to use a smart card, possibly in conjunction with a password or personal identification number (PIN).

User interface (Smart Card)

A common dialog box that lets the user connect to a smart card and use it in an application. Using the dialog box, the user can specify a specific card or search for the smart card to open.

User principal name

(UPN) A user account name (sometimes referred to as the user logon name) and a domain name identifying the domain in which the user account is located. This is the standard usage for logging on to a Windows domain. The format is: (as for an e-mail address).

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