Hall Of Fame

eScan would like to thank the following security researchers and organizations for working with us to resolve
one or more security vulnerabilities in our products and services.

Name & Contact Information

Ramya R Chakravarthi Madhav Chaurasiya (Eminence Ways Pvt. Ltd.)
Mr. Samip Pokharel (Eminence Ways Pvt. Ltd.) Ketan Madhukar Mukane (1)
Nir Yehoshua Sujeet Kumar (1)
Tarun Mahour (1) TvM (1)
Tirtha Mandal (3) Umesh Jore (1)
Sohel Pathan (2) Chinmay Patel (1)
Zhiyuan Wang (1) Faisal Shaikh (2)
Chinthala Srinivas (1) Orkhan Yolchuyev (1)
Mayur Manoj Gupta (1) Suraj Gaurkar (1)
Rajesh Tewari (6) Shubham Maheshwari (1)
Mitesh Patil (1) Naveen Kumar (1)
Dhiyaneshwaran (1)  

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