Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE) Technology

We had predicted in our threat predictions that Ransomware will be a major threat in the year 2016. This year has seen an unprecedented growth of more than 172% rise in ransomware attacks and many corporate and government organizations have fallen prey to ransomware attacks. Though widely not reported, it has cost millions of dollars to many organizations across the world. If you want to know what is Ransomware, here are some resources that will help you to safeguard against this type of attack

Understanding Ransomware

About Ransomware

Ransomware is a Malware that encrypts files in your system, either by locking your system screen or system files unless a Ransom amount is paid. Ransomware can also prevent you from using your web browser, other applications, or entire operating system.

PBAE Technology

Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine monitors the activity of all processes on Local Machine and when it encounters any activity or behavior that matches to a ransomware, a red flag is raised and the process is blocked. In case if an infected system tries to access network share of a protected system and encrypt/ modify files residing on that system, PBAE will immediately invalidate the network session.

PBAE is successfully blocking ransomware attacks such as Locky, Zepto, Crysis and many more. Additionally, by analyzing the data collected through our Cloud (ESN) we are able to successfully detect and mitigate thousands of ransomware attacks on every system that is protected with eScan Worldwide.

White Paper

To protect users, eScan has developed the latest technology PBAE (Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine) to provide real time protection for organizations and users against Ransomware attacks. The research team has developed an algorithm based on the behavior of Ransomware programs and protect the IT assets of organizations as well as SOHO users.

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