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eScan emphasizes on IT Security Awareness Amongst Employees
In today’s world, corporate/network security is not just limited to devices and security experts. It is about each and every employee who has access to the resources of the organization. Unless and until, organizations realize the importance of the IT security awareness amongst employees, we will always observe a Goliath falling down.
Keeping Pace with the Security Concerns
"We see it impacts their productivity positively. However, we are cautious about data. For a global enterprise, data is of the highest value. Our approach to BYOD has been cautious where we try to balance mobility of BYOD with data security. Essentially, how we are coping with BYOD is by building a multi-tenanted IT infrastructure with each tenant having its own security mechanisms. So, security and access to data is layered from BYOD devices.
Product Review:
eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security
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  Online Harassment - Is It Something To Really Worry About?

A Canadian teenager, Amanda Todd brought the issue of online harassment into prime focus by posting a video on YouTube in which she told her story with her handwritten signs, describing how she was blackmailed into exposing herself in front of a webcam. The bully posted her private pictures on a Facebook page created by him to which all her friends were added. She was constantly bullied, despite changing schools. After describing her harassment on a YouTube video, this 15-year-old later committed suicide. This is definitely a shocking incident of cyberbullying. (Read more...)

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"All programs are excellent."

Sindhu kr - Chennai, India
DXN, Distributor
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