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eScan Branding Activity in Tanzania

As a part of the branding exercise in Tanzania, eScan hoardings have been put up across the region in order to enhance brand visibility.

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Partner Activity:
eScan Branding Activity in Thailand

Recently, one of the eScan partners, M/s. Scanclub initiated retail branding activity in Thailand. The aim of this activity was to enhance brand visibility across the region.

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Product Review: eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security
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  Security Issues With The 'Internet of Things'

Many security experts around the world say that, security is not being taken seriously in the overall development of the Internet of Things (IoT). But, let us first understand what Internet of Things (IoT) is? The Internet allows enhanced connectivity. At first, connectivity was linking the user buildings to business buildings with wired Internet connections. The second one was mobile devices such as desktop, laptops, smartphones, and tablets connecting to businesses and amongst each other through a wireless Internet connection. Now, the latest wave is "things" connecting to users, companies and other "things" using wired and wireless connectivity, which is also called Internet of Things. (Read more...)

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"eScan Corporate gave us exactly what we wanted and with that we got a central administrated and updating solution. This allowed us to deploy or change policies remotely. The biggest benefit of eScan Corporate for Peninsula Land was the fact that the product balanced out in terms of security and cost. We were able to execute and deploy multiple solutions that were specifically designed to take care of nitty-gritty issues without taking a major hit in finances and complexity. We have realized an 80 per cent decrease in issues with regard to malware outbreaks, which was considerably better than what we had estimated."

Mr. Sandeep Sane
Peninsula Land, Senior Manager - IT
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