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Hotels - Fall easy prey to wireless hacks!
Restaurants have long been of interest to hackers in search of making a quick buck; however, in the last year we have noticed that hackers are showing an increasing interest in the hospitality industry. Figures show that hotels and resorts account for at least 40% of the breaches, which can include anything from intellectual property theft to loss of financial data. This new shift in focus to the hospitality industry shows a more targeted approach rather than just focusing on opportunistic and random attacks.
Up Close: Anil Gupta, AVP - India, eScan
Anil Gupta is currently with eScan as the Assistant Vice President, India. At eScan, he holds the responsibility of leading the sales & marketing within India.
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  $45 Million - Cyber Heist

Magicians rely on sleight of hand and target the human perception of the way things are construed by the human mind. They are always on a lookout for loopholes and technology to assist them in their acts. Weakness and lack of common sense, is an inherent part of the human psych, however, when it comes to Information Technology, to overcome these disabilities, we have RFCs and compliance guidelines, to assist us to make this virtual world a better place to live. (Read more…)

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"I am using eScan antivirus for years. Excellent support and best AV for Windows."
Piyush Hadkar - Mumbai, India
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