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eScan Partner Meet @ Nadiad, Gujarat - India
eScan Dealer Meet @ Nadiad, Gujarat - India
eScan had organised a Partner Meet in Nadiad, Gujarat on May 4, 2013, wherein the Anti-Virus vendor educated the attendees about various IT Security Threats targeted towards businesses and how eScan can help implement best security policies to protect the network. The event received an overwhelming response.

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Technology Gets Smarter
Virtualization facilitates consolidation of infrastructure and hardware by replacing physical servers with virtual machines, and by combining applications on virtual servers. Hence, it leads to reduced space and cost of IT infrastructure. Over the years, there have been many security concerns within a virtual environment. "Many incorrectly believe that just because the environment is virtual, it must be inherently secure. However, the fact is that virtual environment for the most part suffers from the same security concerns as does the physical environment," says Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan.
MSP to Drive Big Part of eScan revenues
eScan considers 2013 as the year of cloud computing, and says MSPs will get the necessary attention of its engineers and will drive a big part of eScan revenues.
eScan smoothens tracking of lost mobile devices
According to our latest study at eScan, malware is said to be a growing epidemic that cannot be washed out but can only be curbed. Controlled by a chain of cybercriminals, its growth is indefinite in the digital world. In all practicality, the ability to prevent this community or industry (which it is slowly turning into) from growing is clearly impossible. Why? The reason is clearly due to the fact that hackers and malicious coders are becoming highly successful in covering their digital tracks, making it very difficult for cyber sleuths to track and analyze their online movement.
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  INFOSECURITY - Paraguay   India Computer Security Conference (ICSC)
9 May 2013
  9 May 2013 to 11 May 2013
The Leela, Kovalam,
  14 May 2013
  16 May 2013
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  The Professional Web

The Professional Web, this is what ".pw" domains being projected / promoted as. Very lately we have been observing a rise in spam originating from .pw domains. PW ccTLD had recently started providing domains for registrations and that too at a price much lower than those of .com domains. (Read more…)

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"Keep it up, do not let your spirit down. I thank your team as well as my computer Engineer who has taken all the pains to help me."
Deepak Karia - Mumbai, India
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