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eScan, yet again bags the Top 3 Brands Award under the Security Solutions category in the HWM & Plaza Low Yat Brand Survey Awards 2013 - Malaysia. eScan has been selected as the 1st runner up.


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MailScan 6.9 to Secure Mail Servers, Real-Time Security to Email Communications
eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solutions providers has launched advanced MailScan 6.9 for Mail Servers. The latest version of MicroWorld's MailScan is an Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and security solution exclusively designed for the mail servers that acts as a powerful gateway between the mail server and internet to provide real-time security to all email communications.

Adobe Breach Exposes Over 100 Million Contacts, Says eScan
Adobe was breached recently which led to disclosure of over 100 million usernames and hashed passwords. While Adobe has been notifying its users about the breach and asking their users to initiate password change, Facebook has been working to provide security to its own users by cross-referencing the leaked database with its own users and notifying the affected FB users about password reuse.
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Bitcoins, the digital currency has been highly volatile lately. Today it reached a High of :$900.97998 per bitcoin and then plummeted to a Low of $520.00000 per bitcoin in a space of 8 hours. Even though the fall of the value in bitcoin was exponential with respect to the time, however, it is the rise in the value of bitcoin which is quite surprising. In a space of 60 mins the price skyrocketed to 900 USD. (Read more.)

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“In any way, it may please you.”
- Victor Ibiang - Lagos, Nigeria
Secretary, Innocent Amah & Co.
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