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eScan Presentation & Training Tour - Mexico, 2012 @ Aguascalientes
eScan Presentation & Training Tour will take place in 13 cities of Mexico. The tour is especially designed for eScan Channel Partners and end users in Mexico, as an initiative to enhance their product knowledge about eScan range of products..

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eScan @ The Russian Education Forum, Moscow, Russia
The Russian Education Forum is a leading Russian exhibition, which unites heads and teachers of schools in all educational levels along with specialists who work on development and promotion of the educational equipment and literature, publishers and authors of educational and methodical literature. Within the Forum, several meetings and seminars on developing of Russian education take place every day.

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Banking online? TOP 6 MALWARE you should be BEWARE of
Financial malware have grown leaps and bounds not only in their behaviour pattern but also in the way they are distributed (Citadel). However, their overall ingenuity lies in the way they are presented to lure users.
Prensario Retail: March 2012 - REPORTAJE DEL MES

"Para el canal de Partners tenemos 'eScan Connect Program' que provee de una gran oportunidad para fortalecer sus capacidades empresariales y crear nuevos mercados. Los ayuda a mejorar el servicio a sus clientes y construye conexiones para llegar al máximo potencial de sus negocios. Además, ayuda a los partners de eScan a expandir sus ventas con acciones de marketing, dirigiéndolos a tener un negocio más rentable, a través de nuestro Channel Partner program, los socios de eScan tienen acceso a herramientas de marketing, soporte de pre y post venta y servicio técnico directo de nosotros."

- Mrs. Rohini Sonawane, Chief Operations Officer, eScan

The days of sitting on the sidelines are over & it's time to get serious. Though it may sound harsh, but channel partners who are happy doing just box pushing and refusing to embrace the changing environment, are on the path of slow death. This is the time to evolve and innovate.

Upcoming Events  
  eScan Presentation & Training Tour - Mexico, 2012
  14 March 2012 to 27 June 2012
13 cities of Mexico

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