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eScan Internet Security Suite


Internet Security Suite
Security Against All Types Of Malware And Internet-Based Threats

Don’t allow the harmful internet viruses enter your PC and damage it. eScan Internet Security Suite designed for home and small office users is a comprehensive Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution that provides complete protection to your computers against objectionable content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, Phishing Web sites, and range of information security threats.

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Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infections through USB Drives
eScan accurately prevents your data from Identity thief and restricts virus infections through USB and Fire-based devices to ensure protection from harmful malware.
Scans all the incoming and outgoing Internet traffic
The revolutionary MicroWorld Winsock Layer technology of eScan resides on the Winsock Layer of the operating system and scans all the incoming and outgoing traffic from the Internet and checks for any security violating content. If the data packet is clean it is passed or else it is removed before it reaches the application layer.
Provides efficient computer performance
It maximizes protection from unknown threat and promises uninterrupted performance even while eScan is doing system scans. It checks the reputation of all the applications and websites and examines program behavior without any significant effect on your PC’s performance.
Protection from Phishing Websites
It also includes an advanced Web Phishing Filter that warns you of Phishing Websites and defends you against Internet fraudsters’ attempts to access your personal information.


Trendy & Easy to Use Graphical Interface

Trendy & Easy to Use Graphical Interface

Caters to the needs of both, beginners as well as expert users. Its user-friendly design allows for easy navigation and outstanding user experience.
Block Notifications & Alerts while Playing Favorite Games

On-Demand Scanner

Scans your files, folders, memory, registry, services and all storage devices. It runs in conjunction with eScan Security Network cloud services to maximize protection from unknown threat and promises uninterrupted performance even while eScan is performing system scans.
Real-time Protection

Effective Real-time Protection

Detect malware even before it reaches your computer with the advanced Real-time protection feature. It restricts malicious content and infected files from connecting to your system, thus prevents malware from damaging your computer.
Advanced Parental Control

Advanced Anti-Spam

Filters out unwanted and spam mails and delivers reports. With its artificial intelligence, NILP technology learns the behavior pattern of the user and accordingly classifies e-mails as Ham (E-mails received by user) or Spam (E-mails quarantined for user).
Gaming Mode

Advanced Game Detection

Allows you to enjoy your favorite game without any interruption and prevents eScan notifications and alerts from being displayed, thus ensuring you an uninterrupted gaming experience.
Comprehensive Protection against Network-based Attacks

Advanced Parental Control

Children and teenagers are most vulnerable which is why they are one of the major targets of cyber criminals. This feature allows total control over your child's online activity and efficiently blocks inappropriate content, ensuring comprehensive protection for your entire family from cyber criminals
Eradicate Rootkits and File Infectors that cannot be Cleaned in the Normal Windows® Mode

Advanced Firewall protection

eScan includes Firewall protection that has been enhanced for seamless integration with your operating system. It provides comprehensive protection against network-based attacks also offers users with the option to block the execution of network-based executable files, thus preventing the spread of infections within networks.
eScan Rescue Mode

eScan Rescue Mode

Allows you to boot into a secure environment during system startup without using any optical media. It uses Windows® based clean environment that helps you to scan the system and allows you to fix registry changes made by viruses and rootkits.
Comprehensive Protection against Network-based Attacks

Extensive Asset Management

Allows you to perform static asset management by using the System Information tool. This tool helps administrators obtain complete information about the hardware and software deployed on the computer and on the network.
Effective Auto Back Up and Restore

Effective Folder Protection

Lock all files and folders that are very critical and confidential and protect them from being modified or deleted. In addition, the files and folders that are protected cannot be deleted unless the folder protection is turned off, thus helping you safeguard your confidential data.
Extensive Asset Management

Prevent Memory Intensive Processes for Laptops

Get unmitigated battery time on laptops. Whenever you switch the Laptop Mode, eScan automatically detects this change and prevents memory intensive processes like scheduled scans from running. eScan’s Real-time protection remains active while on Laptop Mode
Provides Updates as per the Available Bandwidth

Protection against Drive-by Malware Downloads

With advanced Malware URL filter, eScan protects endpoints against Drive-by Malware downloads. This feature helps you block access to malicious websites / URLs and ensure ZERO Day protection.
Also Includes:
Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode

Allows you to enjoy your favorite game without any interruption and prevents eScan notifications and alerts from being displayed
Automatic Downloads of Critical Windows® OS Patches

Automatic Downloads of Critical Windows® OS Patches

downloads critical patches for the Windows® operating system from the Microsoft® Web site.
Provides Updates as per the Available Bandwidth

Provides Updates as per the Available Bandwidth

Provides automatic compressed updates for the software, virus and spam definitions.
Comprehensive Reports for In-depth Analysis

Comprehensive Reports for In-depth Analysis

eScan 11 supports comprehensive reporting capabilities for all its modules.
Disk Defragmenter

FREE Technical Support

24x7 FREE Online Technical Support (via e-mail, live chat, and forums) is provided round-the-clock to all our customers.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows® 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (Workstation)
[All 32-bit and 64-bit Editions]

CPU: Windows 8 requires 1 Ghz, Windows 7 requires 1 Ghz, Windows Vista requires 1 Ghz, Windows XP requires 450 MHZ, (1 GHz recommended)

Memory: Windows 8 requires 1 GB, Windows 7 requires 1 GB, Windows Vista requires 1 GB, Windows XP requires 512 MB (1GB recommended)

Other Requirements

Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0

Display: High-color display with a resolution of 640x480 pixels or higher (recommended)

Disk Space: 750 MB

Version: 11 – Multilingual

Language Versions

English, German, French, Nederlands, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Greek, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, and Latin Spanish